Monday, April 13, 2020

Very Scary with Gerry McCreary, Episode V1

My dark, comedic alter ego, Gerry McCreary, is back! This time his podcast has moved to streaming video. Watch as Gerry, his producer Helen Spitz (Muriah Summer) and intern Anna Morphic (Anna Yale M French) bring you Scary News, receive a future report from the Time Flusher (Troy Fluhr), interview religious leader Windsor Whately (Leslie E Seabolt) and enjoy a performance by singer-songwriter Dan Harris. Join us as we delve into the fearsome, the fiendish and the fantastical!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Final Ascent (with Todd Hawkins)


I closed my eyes, and I took my final breath 
My fear had left me at the sweet embrace of death 
And I got high 
I said goodbye 

Saw June and Jimmy and Doctor John 
They took my body and they held me in their arms 
And then they cried 
They said goodbye 

I saw my fate 
I had to face the great unknown 
I was scared of being alone 
I held on to the things that made my Earthly home 
But I'm done 
Now I'm letting go 

The Earth escaped me as my soul was drawn away 
I saw the tribes of man and borderlines decay 
We were deceived 
But now I'm free 

Everlasting nothingness 
Existential passion, peace come from beyond 
Communion with the stardust 
The firmament, creation 
Transcendental evolution, inspiration 
Deliver me 

No self remains, every ego is resolved 
There is no sense of being alone 
Only benevolence unbounded by the soul 
A tale of old 
Once more retold 

Details: Todd Hawkins and I started writing this song back in late September or early October as one of my Halloween projects, but we didn't finish writing it until after Christmas. Tonight, we finally got around to recording it. Todd is a Reverend by trade, and he was a perfect person to co-write this tune about someone passing on to the great beyond.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Song-a-day January Wrap-up!

What a tremendous month! Song-a-day January is my favorite time of year. Writing 31 songs in 31 days is exhausting, but its incredibly fulfilling! Thanks to all of you for checking out my music, and thanks to all of you who followed my page. If you want a quick way to see all the songs from this month, I put together a playlist on YouTube.

I'll be developing these songs throughout the year, performing them live, and eventually producing some nice audio recordings (maybe even a music video or two). So stick with me to see how it all goes down!

I want to give special shout-outs to all my collaborators, a handful of which are performing this afternoon as part of the Winter Walkabout Music Showcase in Longmont:
Teresa Storch is playing at 2:00 today at The Roost
Jeanne McAdara is playing at 2:30 at Absolute Vinyl Records & Stereo
Antonio Lopez is playing at 4:15 at 300 Suns Brewing

Other collaborators with upcoming gigs:
John Bunzli is hosting his Lovespace Showcase on February 9th
Finn O'Sullivan is playing February February 13th at the East Simpson Coffee Company
Barry Osborne on March 7th at the Mutiny Information Cafe

And just check up on the rest here:
Sadye Rose is co-proprietor of the wonderful distillery and art house, Still Cellars.
Sarah Marie Echsner is an award winning filmmaker at Little Feather Films 
Kevin Dooley has several great albums available
BJ Suter is part of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
Karen Finch performs as both SteelvocalKaren and Purely Pearl 
Jason Allen performs frequently with me, but also with The Renegade Rooster String Band

And, if you haven't already, please please please follow me at 

You all are amazing! Keep supporting and making music!

Day 31: Sick Of Being All By Myself

I'm sick of being all by myself
Sick of being stuck all alone
Sick of being all by myself

They say don't shop hungry
But the well fed are starving, too
And all of them shop
And those who do not
Become the food

I'm sick of being all by myself
Sick of being stuck all alone
Sick of being all by myself

They say don't shit where you eat
But that's how you fertilize soil
You watch as they harvest
Don't hazard a guess
Why your crops all failed

Well, maybe I'm too picky
Or a little paranoid
Sometimes the price
Of flying solo
Still beats the cost
Of choosing wrong

I'm sick of being all by myself
Sick of being stuck all alone
Sick of being all by myself

And they say go love yourself
Well I love myself three times a day
Though it can be fun
I still wish someone
Would come my way

I'm sick of being all by myself
Sick of being stuck all alone
Sick of being all by myself

Details: This was not the song I wanted to end the month with. The last couple years, I wrapped things up with a good night song, then a goodbye song. In fact, the songs from the last couple days would have been fitting finales for the project. But the muse takes you where it will.

It seems like a lot of the last week or so has been full of slower songs, so I wanted to pick up the pace a bit. And this song acts almost as a rebuttal to the Day 1 song, so maybe it's fitting. I like the song. The chorus has too many words crammed together-- it's hard to sing and breathe at the same time-- but the words mean something to me.

This took about 3.5 hours to write and .5 hours to record.

It's been a fabulous month! I'll write out a longer wrap-up tomorrow, but to all of you who've been following along: Thanks for listening; it means a lot to me.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Day 30: The Battery Died (with Jay Allen)


The screen lit up
And I saw your face
Couldn't help but smile
When I heard your voice
And you repeated
The same old stories again
I wouldn't trade them
For anything
And then the battery died

I went to K.A.R.L.
And I asked him "where And how much longer
Will it take to get us there?"
He showed his math, geometry
Operations he applied
"It doesn't matter where you go
You'll always be here inside"
And then the battery died

This was just a short gig
On an inter-solar truck
Who'd think that I'd end up
With such downright dirty luck
A mutated chromosome
I never would've thought
I'm never going home

The coffee maker, refrigerator
The respirator, too
Said "see you later, alligator"
But all I miss is you
The life support was getting short
I made my last report
The engines died, got black inside
The computer said "goodbye"
And then the battery died

Details: Jay and I have been playing together for 6 or 7 years now. Up to this point, Jay has played bass or charango, but now he has a new toy: a synthesizer! We've been talking about incorporating it more into our shows, and what better time to experiment than during Song-a-day January!

Jay came up with the refrain "and then the battery died" and we came up with a sci-fi story to wrap around it. Once we got the idea of a person stuck on a spaceship (which took a while), it all came together pretty quickly.

Jay wanted to get the synth's blinking lights in the video, and I suggested turning out the lights might make them stand out more. Then, Jay remembered that he had a strobe light. The sound isn't great, because we're so far away from the camera, but I love the overall vibe.

It took about 2.5 hours to write and .5 hours to record.

Day 29: Emergency Vacation (with Teresa Storch)

Just last Friday night
You left me standing
In the pale lamp light
Couldn't see the rain
Through my tears

You said you wanted space
Maybe move to another state
Be anyplace but here
You said

"I need an emergency vacation
I just got to get away
From this pain
Or else it's gonna stay
I need an emergency vacation
Doesn't matter where I'm going
For how long
Or when I'm coming home"

Last Thursday night
You walked away
When we had a fight
Said you were going
Out with the guys

Spent the night alone
Wondered if you were coming home
Saw your message on the phone
And you said

"I need an emergency vacation
I just got to get away
From this pain
Or else it's gonna stay
I need an emergency vacation
Doesn't matter where I'm going
For how long
Or when I'm coming home"

I pack my bags and get my passport
Catch a taxi to the airport
Walk up to the line
Check my frequent flyer miles
Then I look behind
And see you standing there
And we share a knowing smile

We need an emergency vacation
We just got to get away
From this pain
Or else it's gonna stay
We need an emergency vacation
Doesn't matter where we're going
For how long
Or when we're coming home

Details: This is the second song I've written with Teresa, and we had a great time! Teresa had just gotten back from yoga and was worn out. I'm on the last three days of my writing project, and I'm exhausted. I mentioned that I was planning to take off the first week of February to recover, and then we got the idea of writing a song about a vacation.

The emergency idea popped up, and we spent a lot of time brainstorming items that would be in an emergency kit for vacations-- things like passports, sunscreen, gps, etc. We didn't end up going down that route, but we continued to brainstorm reasons why people would need an emergency vacation, and we came up with this more personal tale of a couple who take a break from each other, but end up running into each other at the airport.

The last song we wrote was kind of abnormal for both of us, so I was really interested in working more within Teresa's regular style. She tried to give me a tutorial on how she plays guitar, which involves using a flat pick. I'm a fingerstyle guy, but I clumsily tried my hand at it-- I might try a bit more as the year progresses, because you can definitely get some interesting strumming patterns, not to mention a better tone on the guitar. But I left the playing to Teresa for the video.

It only took about 2.5 hours to write the song and 30 minutes to record. Actually, it took less, because we spent a fair amount of time just chatting. It's nice when a song comes together this easily, and it's nice to hang out with someone as engaging as Teresa.