Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Late Halloween Goodies...

I did a lot of Halloween stuff this year; so much that it didn't all get done on time!

Here's a music video I did with Pamela Machala and Rebecca Rego. I probably got a little too cutesy with the editing, but we had a lot of fun recording it, and the song is really catchy!

I did a couple short films this year, too. This first one is a mock nature documentary about our favorite orange gourd.

The second short film was a screw-ball comedy about a couple who have conflicting secrets on Halloween.

Yes, they're late, but let's be honest: Halloween doesn't last nearly long enough. So have another handful of seasonal goodies and enjoy the show!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Worst Year Of My Life

First new Halloween song of 2019! This collaboration with Dan Harris and Jay Allen (two members of the Renegade Rooster band) was intended to be a Halloween carol. Despite the inclusion of a creepy clown, a homicidal rooster and the words "trick" and "treat" being in close proximity to one another, I don't think most people would think of Halloween when hearing this song. Nevertheless, it's a surreal journey through a nightmarish realm of strange karma. You can definitely feel the push-and-pull of three writers with very different ideas of what the song should be about. My proudest moment is managing to rhyme "letter" with "Australia" (it works, and I don't care what you say!!!). Without further ado, here's "The Worst Year Of My Life"!!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Song of Samhain

Written by Cheyenne Dane & David Coile 
From August 10th show at Still Cellars, Longmont, CO 
Vocals & Guitar: David Coile 
Vocals & Harp: Cheyenne Dane 
Bass: Jay Allen 
Ocean Drum: Murray Barker

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Written by Parry Adams & David Coile 
From August 10th show at Still Cellars, Longmont, CO 
Vocals & Ukulele: Parry Adams 
Vocals, Triangle & Shaker: David Coile

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Red Line To Mud Dusk

Red Line To Mud Dusk
Written by Todd Hawkins & David Coile 
From August 10th show at Still Cellars, Longmont, CO 
Vocals: David Coile 
Guitar: Todd Hawkins 
Electric Guitar: John Bunzli 
Bass: Jay Allen 
Cajon: Teresa Penbrooke

Monday, September 30, 2019

The Near Future...

For the next 6 months, I'll be in development mode. What does that mean?It means I won't be doing too many live shows (only when a stray opportunity pops up). Instead, I'll be focusing on writing, recording and editing.

In November, I hope to start recording an E.P. with one of my frequent collaborators, Cheyenne Dane. And I'm coming up with a strategy for releasing fully produced Singles on a more regular basis.

I'm excited to co-write with a bundle of new songwriters I've recently met. I plan to collaborate with some familiar faces, too. Of course, Song-a-day January is still on the menu, but expect more brand new songs outside of that month.

I still have several bits of footage from previous shows that I need to edit and post. And I haven't even touched all the footage I recorded of the co-writing I did last January-- I'm going to give you a full behind-the-scenes look at the collaborative process.

But before all that, October is here, and that means Halloween! I already have two short films in the works, and I'm busy writing a few Halloween "carols" (with the possibility of actually going from house to house singing them on or around Halloween). I'll also be bringing back some Halloween favorites from previous years.

So even though my live performances will be fewer and further between, it may actually result in more content here and on my social media. Be on the look out! And thanks for joining me on my creative journey...

Thursday, September 26, 2019

You're Gone

You're Gone
Written by Teresa Storch & David Coile 
From August 10th show at Still Cellars, Longmont, CO 
Vocals: David Coile 
Guitar & Vocals: Teresa Storch 
Charango: Jay Allen 
Cajon: Teresa Penbrooke